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A Breath of Fresh Air
But a Kiss of Death
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19th-Mar-2007 02:28 pm(no subject)
shadow heart
i have no idea what i'm doing.
and i don't understand why i keep doing it.
but i know that i like it.
even though it's making me question absolutely everything i thought i was sure of.
i'm scared, i know that much.
...but there's just something about it...
25th-Dec-2006 03:59 pm - merry christmas!
shadow heart
merry Christmas kids!
yup, i said it.
i don't care if i'm politically incorrect or if i hurt people's feelings.
harsh? probably.
but in my world, Christ is the reason for the season.
so to you and yours i wish you a great big *MERRY CHRISTMAS*!!

lets see, what came out of santa's bag this year?:
-audrey hepburn's treasures (greatest book ever)
-new Bible
-body products like crazy
-gift cards like crazy
-some sweet little mermaid stuff
-a new dooney&bourke purse
-a really sweet scarf and mitten set
-a diet cookbook
-and one of those 'moving water' picutre/mirror thingers from the boyface

got to see a lot of my family, too, which was sweet because i honestly see them twice a year--thanksgiving and christmas. my cousin was home from the navy, too, so i got to chill with her for a while and hear about being in singapore and the philipines and all over and riding camels through the desert. lots of pictures too. my grandma came and stayed christmas eve with us, too, which was cool to hang out with her. sometimes the alzheimers is a little frustrating, with always asking the same questions and having to talk to her like she's 5 years old sometimes. but after losing Grammy last year, i'm willing to deal with it if it means i get to spend a little more time with her. and i got to see liz and anthony at church yesterday, who i haven't seen in a while. even pastor scott's sermon wasn't as dry as usual!! =) the only thing else i could have asked for was a little tiny bit of snow today.

and tonight it's off to the movies with michael.
go hug your family, it's a holiday--surprise them =)
hope you all have a merry christmas!!
♥ melissanicole
22nd-Dec-2006 09:21 pm - 2006/2007
shadow heart
my 2006 accomplishments:
taking another 2 semesters of college.
plus summer classes.
losing 30 pounds.
signing my first apartment lease.
taking the position of secretary for phi mu.
getting another tattoo.
not killing michael's roommates.
making it through founders day and homecoming (oh, and planning them).
moving into a new house with the fam.
dealing with and accepting the first loss of a grandparent.

things i'd like to accomplish in 2007:
make dean's list.
tone up/maintain my new body.
get my spending under control.
buy a puppy. (this will occur before spending is under control)
continue to grow closer to God.
turn 21.
move into my new apartment.
pass the praxis plt exam.
take a steering position for DM?
join club dance team.
get tattoo touched up.
look good in a bikini.
21st-Dec-2006 09:38 am - anti-carolinas
shadow heart
i have come to a crucial decision.
i hate both of the carolinas.
north caronlina won't give nikie back.
and south carolina's taken over michael until may.

basically, um, i hate the carolinas.
and i love nikie/michael.
clearly, this isn't going to work out for me...

cassie's tonight with brittany christmas!
i wish you could see the incredible happy dance i'm currently doing.
you'd be jealous.


ps. thanks brit lit for ruining my chance at dean's list.
6th-Dec-2006 09:53 am - do dodo dododo do dodo dodo
stick friends
I'm Doug!

Doug is an average kid with an above-average imagination. Junior high is no piece of cake for Doug. He's crazy about a girl named Patti Mayonnaise, he's tormented by bully Roger Klotz and he keeps getting himself into messes. But when the going gets rough, Doug's imagination gets going. He transforms himself into Quailman--with a pair of briefs worn over his shorts and a leather belt around his head. No stranger to embarrassment, humiliation or feeling out of place, somehow Doug always manages to land on his feet. (Bio borrowed from Bluffington)

Which character from Nickelodeon's Doug are you?

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30th-Nov-2006 07:33 pm - life comes at you fast
shadow heart
i'm drowning.
and i don't know if i'm going to make it.
25th-Nov-2006 10:40 pm - what am i doing?
tape love
long weekends are a horrible invention
simply because i come home and then i don't want to go back to school! it has been so incredibly nice to be home. i haven't once thought about the drama that lies at school and it's been nice to relax and be with the family. i got a ton of christmas shopping done and today helped my mom put up christmas lights and decorations at the house, which makes going back even harder--i'm so incredibly ready to stay home for the holidays now! i just keep dreading the next 3 weeks: papers, projects, performances, meetings, work, study tables (i totally forgot about them this month!) and drama. i'm so over this semester, it's ridiculous. i would do anything to not go back to school until after new years...

i've been studying and working on homework/papers for almost 4 consecutive hours at this point...what i woudn't do for the long holiday...

i don't even bother updating anymore. with so much going on, it's just hard to find the time. plus, i feel like i'm not even part of this world anymore. i mean, i know that i'm still friends with people from ravenna (mainly: ally, brittany, alena, cassie, et.al.) but i feel like i'm not worthy of that. i don't call, i don't visit, i'm just an all-around bad friend. but as much as i'd like to fix that, i feel like i've been gone for so long it would be in vain--who want's to be friends with a girl that never calls, never visits, and who isn't even a part of your life anymore? i don't like it...but i don't know if there's any way to change it. especially now that i'm not moving home for the summer. i'm officially moving to BG permenantly, and when i come home i'm not even coming into ravenna, so is there even a possibility to change it? please don't take this the wrong way, i really would like to keep our friendship because i think that you guys are amazing people. i just don't know if it's something we can do...is our friendship a lost cause?
i'm not even sure anyone cares about what i write in here anymore! am i so gone that what i say doesn't have any purpose to anyone but myself? ugh...i hate this. but in all honestly, is this what growing up is? i've heard that the friends you make in high school don't usually last past college--is this the begining of the end?
21st-Nov-2006 12:26 am - Goodsearch.com
girl boy keyboard

GoodSearch cause banner

Hey guys, this is a really great site!
Instead of using Google or Yahoo! to search the internet, use www.goodsearch.com powered by Yahoo! Everytime it's used, money is donated to BGSU's Dance Marathon, a 32-hour dance marathon that raises money for Children's Miracle Network. Last year, using Goodsearch.com, BG raised $700 towards Dance Marathon. Help us raise even more this year!

This is something that's really important to me, free to you, and easy to use. If you only use it once, you've already helped our cause! Just try it out?

Go to www.goodsearch.com
Under the search bar, there is a second bar to type things in.
Enter "BGSU Dance Marathon" and click "verify."
After that, search ANYTHING your heart desires because every time you do, it raises money to pay for children's medical bills whose family's can't afford to pay them.

It'a a great cause so there's no reason not to try it out!!

Thanks guys, and spread the word!
15th-Nov-2006 04:40 pm - and he's all mine!
shadow heart
I want a boy. A nice and sweet boy. A boy who has shaggy hair and lets me play with it. He'll tell me we're like Corey and Topanga. He'll give me his favorite sweatshirt. He'll stay home with me and watch Disney Movies.
And he'll tell me he loves it even though he doesn’t, and the only person he would ever watch it with would be me.
He'll call me at 3am and ask me what I’m doing. He'll tell me he couldn't fall asleep because he was thinking about me, and he needed to hear my voice.
He'll text me every morning before school saying "Have a great day babe!".
And he always whispers something sweet in my ear.
He'll take me to a concert to see his favorite band.
And he wont get embarrassed to tell me he loves me in front of his friends.
When I cry he'll tell me I'm too beautiful to and he'll kiss every tear.
He'll always make me feel better because he knows the perfect things to say to me.
When we're walking together he'll stop and pick up a flower and put it behind my ear.
He'll love everything about me and tell me that I'm perfect.
We always end up laughing about silly fights.
We wont get mad for making fun of each other because we crack up at every bit of it.
Even if we're a million years old, butterflies will still go crazy inside of me. Every time he kisses me.
He'll tell me he'd die without me.
He'll surprise me by bringing me over my favorite food when I'm having a bad day. He would think I was beautiful if I dressed so crappy it was classy.
When we go out for ice cream, he'll put some on my nose
then I'll put some all over his face.
And we just never stop laughing.
He wouldn’t be scared to cry in front of me
and would hold me when i cry
He'll introduce me to his friends as the coolest girl he's ever met.
He'll buy me cute things and bouncy balls from vending machines.
We would have contests of how far we could spit our gum, or how far we could jump off a swing.
He'll take walks with me in the snow, and we'll catch
*snowflakes* on our tongues
He doesn't even like snow, but I love it.
He would grab my waist and kiss my neck.
And we'd always take pictures in photo booths.
He'll let me go places with his mom.
We would play tag and not care who’s watching.
We'd kiss in the rain.
And when I hear him speak, I'll fall in love all over again.
I want a boy who can argue over stupid things with me,
and then go totally soft when I get sad and apologize.
I want someone who would lay with me outside under the stars.
Someone who will squirt me with water guns in the house
When we kissed our hips would be pressed together. I want someone to be there no matter what, always and forever
Perfect. I'll be his everything. And he'll be even more to me.
15th-Nov-2006 09:35 am - i have become comfortably numb
stick friends
not a lot to update on.
i was elected the new secretary for my sorority on sunday night.
michael and i went out to eat saturday for his birthday.
josh and rj came over to BG on friday for his birthday party.
my classes are trying to eat me.
there's so much tension in the house it's gross.
michael almost moved out of his apartment after a huge fight with the roomies about how it's not cool to smoke weed in the apartment.
i can't schedule until monday and the classes that i need are quickly filling up.
i've been asked to be a big part of recruitment for the spring but think i have to turn it down.
my boss is ridiculous.
i really miss a handful of people and wish i could see them now.
i hate being out here because i feel like i've grown apart from some of the most amazing people in my life.
and i hate that i have to use LJ to keep up on what's going on with them.
oh, and i think my computer has the hiv.

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